We explore, develop and deliver training content tailored specifically to your business that creates dynamic learning experiences. Through expert eLearning strategies and solutions we help you improve compliance and change learner behavior to achieve results.

We take your shoeboxes of learning materials... - Flare Learning - Training Illuminated - Online Learning Solutions

We take your shoebox...

Most clients come to us with what we affectionately call a shoebox of training material — an assortment of PowerPoints, Word docs, PDF files, videos, etc.  Perhaps some files are five or ten years old.  This is completely normal and expected.

...and turn it into beautiful and engaging course - Flare Learning - Training Illuminated - eLearning Solutions

...and turn it into beautiful & engaging courses

We review the shoebox and make sense of it all.  We build a curriculum, identify gaps, interview your subject matter experts, and then design and build beautiful courses that engage your learners.

The bottom line is that your learners will actually learn!


How we help

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DRUXY'S is Canada's premier chain of quick service delicatessen restaurants, operating more than 40 restaurants and kiosks in major health care facilities, office towers, and shopping centres.

DRUXY'S takes great pride in offering their customers only the highest quality fresh and healthy food, and personal service possible. They have earned and retained exceptionally high customer retention.


Reduce training time by 30%

DRUXY'S knows that consistency in training provides a better customer experience. Hands-on training for new franchisees took six weeks.

Results varied based on the trainer and actual training time was affected by the day-to-day business priorities of the training store. For some franchisees, the added cost of six weeks away from their home location was a time and financial barrier.


We transformed DRUXY'S "shoebox" of training materials and into interactive online courses that allowed franchisee learners to take a portion of their training from home, minimizing travel costs and ensuring training consistency.

SmarterU's drill-down reporting keeps Head Office fully informed on their trainees' progress. Hands-on training time was reduced by one-third, and prepared trainees for more in-depth training time at store level.

The SmarterU team shares our passion for training excellence and offered course creation and conversion. We are passionate about training, even more so now with our online training using SmarterU.
Harold Druxerman,
Vice President, Finance and Administration
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What we do

Our team of eLearning specialists, instructional designers, graphic designers, and digital media professionals are experts in creating beautiful, engaging and intuitive courses. Our best practices capture the learner’s attention, challenge the learner, and measure retention. The result is that you can drive the compliance or changed behaviour you need for your business.

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Our team of instructional designers are professional writers of eLearning content. We use the latest science-based eLearning best practices to create course flow and interactivity to engage learners and test knowledge.

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Our graphic designers are experts in creating highly interactive and beautiful courses. We work closely with you and leverage your unique brand requirements to ensure the look and feel of your courses represents your image and style!
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Training software can be tricky and sometimes the best way is just to show them how it’s done. The Flare Learning team can help you by creating software demo’s that will be included right into your eLearning course!
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Once your learners have seen the demonstration you can let them try it out!  Our team can create simulations for your course where learners can virtually build a piece of equipment, try the steps for software and many more!
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Need professional narration? Flare Learning has you covered with professional voice actors. We ensure your training experience has a natural flow which supports learner retention.

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Courses may have a unique voice used for narration. With our audio editing services, we work with you and your in-house narrators to ensure your courses have a polished sound.
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Our team of design experts use images such as photographs, illustrations, or chart models to create an illusion of movement — such as an animated diagrams or interactive games.
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Including videos in your courses may be the finishing touch that sets it apart. We are here to help with all aspects professional video production services; from script to final render.

Course samples

Looking for inspiration? Not sure how your course will come to life? Here is a select sample of the work we have done for other clients. Try them out for yourself then contact us to tell us about your eLearning aspirations!

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