eLearning Revolution: Start With "Why"

Starting with "why" isn’t a new idea. Simon Sinek wrote a brilliant book about being inspirational leaders called, “Start With Why” that every leader should read. Don’t restrict this to your leadership approach, though. Just as Mr. Sinek describes the impact of a great leader, training programs can also have a massive impact on team members. Training can drive inspiration, feelings of safety, and overall job satisfaction. It can also drive organizational outcomes. However, training can also have a direct opposite impact. To influence the impact you want, don’t start your eLearning development project until you have identified your “eLearning why”.

eLearning "Why"? Because It’s Time

Some organizations feel modernizing their training delivery will drive increased engagement and results so they overhaul their training programs. That’s great but keeping up with the latest trends may not drive the motivation needed to see you through or achieve the results you need. Overhauling your training program will take a lot of work and investment. Understanding the underlying organizational issue your work will solve is key. Consider if any of these are your real “eLearning Why”.

Sales are down

A sales force that doesn’t have clear and consistent knowledge of the product, the process and exactly how to execute their daily tasks to drive sales will directly and negatively impact your bottom-line. You need to ensure that your team has the knowledge and skills to execute your visions so why not arm them with better tools to do so?

Client satisfaction is down

Poor customer service, contract execution, and communication issues wear on existing clients causing them to look to competitors to serve their needs. If you're struggling to train, track, and coach for performance, why not find a better way to increase satisfaction?

Waste is up

A lack of retention on prescribed processes results in wasted time and resources through poor execution. You need to drive consistency and your organizational standards to reduce costs and improve productivity. All of this results in greater profitability so why not invest in your training program?

eLearning "Why"? Because We Have Budget

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Having allocated budget dollars burning a hole in your pocket can be a tempting reason to dive right in. You’ll need a more compelling reason to inform your decisions along the way. There will be a lot of them such as priority, delivery, reporting, and more! Define your “eLearning Why” and make better-informed decisions on where to invest your budget dollars.

Impact of training is unknown

Investments in training programs is a high-stakes game with big dollars and often little information if the investment is working. Having reports beyond who completed what and if they passed can correlate training to key performance indicators and metrics so why not use these to your organization's advantage?

You can’t reach everyone you need to

Reaching and coordinating learners on multiple shifts or locations for required training is challenging. Having people miss training or having to delay altogether means people aren’t receiving the training they need and your business is at risk for non-compliance, injury, or loss. Why continue with a system that doesn't support the flexibility you need to reach everyone on time?

You need to differentiate yourself for recruitment

How well you present your organization to your recruitment pool requires a strong first impression. Having a top training program to start employees off right can be the difference you need to secure top talent. Why not improve your program and demonstrate to potential new hires that you care?

eLearning "Why"? Because Now We Have People To Do It

Bringing on new people provides new skill sets and a tempting reason to start a new eLearning program. Capabilities like digital design, instructional design, audio and video editing and creation are specialty skills. Define your deeper need to use those skills and you increase your chances of a successful project. Are any of these your underlying “eLearning Why”?

Communication is cloudy

When team members are unsure what they need to focus on for training, where the resources are available, and what they are accountable for the result may be that they doing nothing. If you have resources available, why not move forward with a better way to highlight these assets to your team?

Learners can’t access the current training

There are hundreds of options as to how your employees can consume materials. Your training delivery doesn’t provide flexibility for access so many of the assets you have aren’t readily available to a cohort of your learners resulting in wasted investment. Why limit their ability to receive the training and supports they need to succeed?

You can’t meet compliance requirements

How quickly and stress-free your organization can deliver compliance training can make or break you. If you're struggling to schedule, deliver, and demonstrate regulated compliance training easily, why stick with the status quo?

Have a Powerful "Why" and Ready to Start?

Once you have defined and have agreement on the underlying reason why you are ready to embark on your eLearning project, you’re ready to set your specific goals and begin your project plan. Learn more about your blended eLearning options, content delivery or project management tips from our blog. Need more help? As your eLearning partner, we'd love to discuss your "eLearning why" and help you come up with a comprehensive approach that drives results. Contact us today!

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