Is Your Instructor-Led Training in Turmoil?

Let Flare Learning Move Your Instruction Online

If your training is in turmoil, you’re not alone. As companies, schools, universities, and professional organizations all pivot from in-person interaction to remote everything, the need for online training and resources has soared.

Flare Learning can help.

Content creation expertise when you need it

You need to keep your organization running, and that includes completing key training, workshops, and conferences. You aren’t letting the current situation get you down — but you’re not prepared for an instantaneous switch to online training delivery. 

Your instructors have their presentations ready — but they need work before they can be sent to learners to take on their own. You’ve never created online training before and don’t know where to start… now what? 

Flare’s team of instructional designers, graphics superstars, digital designers, and more are here for you. We’ll turn your content into extraordinary eLearning experiences.

Need your project done fast? Flare Learning can walk you through several options to efficiently get your courses into the hands of your learners. 

Expert transformation of ILT to eLearning

An butterfly, made up of polygons giving it a digital look.

Flare Learning has deep expertise in converting instructor-led training to self-paced, appealing eLearning. The Flare team understands the science behind making adult learning effective and building long-term learning and retention. We’re also engagement experts.

Our creative team can turn your content and design into an engaging eLearning course with interactivity, gorgeous graphics, and a learner experience that reduces cognitive load while enticing learners to remain engrossed in the content.

Even if you have no prior eLearning experience, our team can get you — and your learners — on track fast. We’ll guide you through every step, from storyboarding through on-time and on-budget delivery:

  • Needs analysis — determine what types of eLearning will best meet your instructional, budget, and time goals
  • Storyboarding — a visual representation of your eLearning course and its contents
  • Design — course design, creation of graphics, development of course slides and interactivities, and more 
  • Quality assurance — rigorous testing and review of all elements of your eLearning
  • Project management — advice and guidance through all steps in the process to deliver your training on time and on budget

Contact a Flare eLearning expert today for a quote and get your eLearning project rolling.

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